HP2 Sport

July 6, 2008 by

I have never been a fan of BMW boxers….but that is about to change, the new HP2 is a combination of the classic Boxer and the S line.

The 2008 HP2 Sport features a Boxer engine with double overhead camshafts capable of 130 horsepower, which makes it the most powerful Boxer engine ever designed by BMW.

With its new Quickshifter technology, fully adjustable Ohlins sport front and rear suspension, Radial mounted Brembo Monobloc brakes, a lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic fairing, forged racing wheels and tires and a MotoGP-inspired cockpit ..the HP2 is a trackborne bike that must be admired.

The question remains: Are we going to see it in Kuwait?

BMW Motorrad

  • Xer

    That’s one cool bike, i like the lower fairing and the tail …its a boxer on steroids.

  • Monster4

    i have never been a bmw bike fan,,,it is not about to change. they got the concept of bikes wrong, instead of it being an extension of the rider they see it as a “horse”, something that has a personality and a behavior on its own…
    a bike is two legs with a temper capable of cooping with yours, not some thing in depended from you.
    the bmer is sold as a hors where as the ducati is sold as an extension of your will, ducati is a transformer where as the bmer is a tool, a mechanical horse.
    the HP2 is fat german that wants to look prety in a string swiming suit contest,

  • Adrenaline

    I believe that having its own personality is good…and something that keeps the rider constantly discovering and adjusting his riding techniques to fit the bike trying to tame and control the beast.

    Thats why its much more fun watching Rossi than watching Stoner on the race track.

  • Monster4

    you may be right about that, but you seem to forget that the bike is a machine, it has no personality, it only needs to have enough temper to coop with the rider temper, it is not a living thing that will learn how to coop with you. if you prefer to have fun adapting your riding style and skills to the bike insted of having fun seeing your will being magnified and adapt the bike by accessorising it to suit your riding style.
    what you are saying mr Adrenaline looks like you prefer to accessories yourself (by adapting to the riding personality of the bike), it is a way of bikng but the way i see it it isa passive way of biking.
    it is just a point of view.