What the hell is this?

August 12, 2008 by

Vyrus is the name-sure looks like one- and its not a prototype..so if you want one you get one.

This Italian beauty-if i may say so- weighs 157kg, and pumps 150hp is that good or what?The company is offering two models, the 984C which is powered by a Ducati DS 1000 engine, and the 985C powered by a Ducati 999 engine.

Jotting my thoughts….

Front suspension

What about it?

Can you trust it?

I guess so

Will it handle well?

Its light…the lightest motorcycle in the world-in it category-

How much is it?

What’s the price has to do with the handling?

If its expensive then it should handle well, right?


Would i buy one?

How much is it again?

  • http://ruby-woo.blogspot.com Ruby Woo

    The guy in the video looks weird. lol his glasses look weird.

    I’m not loving the bike that much. It looks amazing on both sides but when u look at it from the front, it kinda puts the whole thing off.

    I’m also not really liking the fact that it’s one of the lightest.. it doesn’t look safe seeing that it’s also pretty fast.

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    He is Italian, what do you expect him to wear Okly?

    Lightness is good its very good if it handles well, bikes are not supposed to be safe this will defy the whole purpose of riding one ;-)

  • http://ruby-woo.blogspot.com Ruby Woo

    Well ok I don’t expect it to be safe, but I wouldn’t want to ride one knowing that a puff of wind can throw me off the bike.

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    If the wind puffs you off the bike then this means ur the light one ;-)

  • http://ruby-woo.blogspot.com Ruby Woo

    lol stop contradicting what I say!