Sexy S6RR

September 7, 2008 by

This sexy BMW is expected to go on sale in 2010, it has a front single-sided progressive link and a 675cc triple engine.

Couldn’t find more info but will post when i do.

  • उन्मुक्त

    Yes really sexy. ठीक कहते हैं।

  • Adrenaline

    So ur name is Free and u think what i said is “Well said”?

  • bkm

    Looks just like a Benelli Tornado Tre (triple) from 2002 except with a swingarm front end and single-sided swingarm in the rear – both of which racing has proven inferior. The Tornado itself borrowed its styling from the ’97 MV F4 – a Tamburini design. If the German’s succeed in ruining its flaws, they can only hope to sell it for less.

  • उन्मुक्त

    unmukt means flow of free thoughts and I did say, “well said”. I wish I could buy. काश मैं भी इसे खरीद पाता।

  • vampire

    inline triple engines have the best sound imo

  • Adrenaline

    Never heard one.. guess i have to wait for one