Tic Tac

September 7, 2008 by

I don’t know why am so obsessed with coffee and cigarets these days, but i hope this will fade soon.

I found this Tic Tac Toe Ashtray at greenergrassdesign i couldn’t figure out how would you distinguish the X’s from O’s, let me know if you find out.

  • http://disturbedstranger.wordpress.com/ Disturbed Stranger

    Hey partner ;)

    ash for X and spit for O? ;P

  • http://www.amuq8.blogspot.com Amu

    LOL @ disturbed :D I like the unique design even though I am not a smoker ;p

  • iRise

    I guess one of you would have to smoke a cigarette and the other a cigar… ?!

  • Tamer

    Dont really care how they play it, just give me a smoke and the ashtray!!!!!!!