The Monster is out

September 25, 2008 by

Ducati officially announced the Monster 1100 and 1100s, the new models will be on display October 8 at the International Motorcycle Show in Cologne.


  • Monsterdict

    1100 that’s very tempting, but it will be out fashion by the time Tristar brings it.
    They did bring the 696 yet.

  • Red

    That gray color is fucking cool, it will great on a 1098r

  • Mark

    I hate Monsters
    I think its a girly bike i have one and can’t get rid of it, buying one was the biggest mistake i ever made :-(

  • MVFriday

    I agree with Mark, and think if you want to get a naked bike you should get a BRUTALE

  • Amu

    I totally agree with Mark, I was planning to buy one and the last minute I decided to go for a test ride and guess what that really saved my life. Its really a girly bike…

  • Qalaf

    You should add the following to the headline “of the game”

  • Pati

    The Monster is one of the best selling bikes in Europe, its an everyday bike, a bike that you ride to work, a bike for grocery shopping, a bike to take the kids to school a bike to race on weekends and for Pizza deliveries.

    Just like the Honda 125cc in India

  • Busa

    Japanese bikes are the best, faster, cheaper and easier to maintain, better resale value.

  • vampire

    MVFriday,, your the mv dealer here in kuwait so give me a break!!

    the monster and the brutale are strong competitors but why so many monsters is being sold while very little brutale?! i love the brutale though

  • MVFriday

    I wish i was