Waiting for the Visa

December 7, 2008 by

Tip number 1: Get your Visa from the embaccy, i have been waiting for 30 min -and still waiting- to get one at the Airport.

Posted from my iPhone thru a free WiFi conection at Tehran Airport.!!

Well..at least they have Internet access :-)

  • http://www.amuq8.blogspot.com Amu

    Not a good start, hope it ends good :D

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    Ok just got it

  • JoJo

    Do keep us posted. I am sure you will have a great time.Check out the possibility of a Bike trip

  • JoJo

    O & be carefull where you take photos as many places are no permited

  • Persian Gulf !

    Tehran Airport ??? as the Imam Khomeini International Airport ?

    visiting Mashhad or Qom ( haj season ) ? :I

    P.S for sure your blog is blocked there .

    LOL !

  • http://www.ruby-woo.blogspot.com Ruby Woo

    Where are you? Why are you getting a visa?

  • http://halawallah-2.blogspot.com Balqees

    post another post later about how many hours it took u to get ur visa :P LOOL

  • 8bitsofcoffee

    Hope you’re having fun :)
    Kil 3am o enta b5yr :D

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    Happy Eid to all of you… no sign of Eid here yet!!

  • JoJo

    40 minutes is nothing ,,, Last time I was there I waited 4 hrs to leave the airport. I was detained a little & 400 Iranians out of the 747 were waiting in line to go through customs with all kind of luggage & bundles . I only had a breifcase but did not dare break the cue. I swear I ws in line for 4 hours !!! Enjoy this great country & very hospitable nation.Act as a visitor, spek english & you will be well received. may be you should have shaved the beard so you don’t look like a native !!

    By touring I mean we put our bikes in a boat and take them across the gulf & tour Iran

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    Am growing the beard for my next adventure Cuba, i will definitely look like a native there ;-)

    Touring Iran…that’s not a bad idea with the right company…ooh wait, this means a new bike…mmmm

  • 8bitsofcoffee

    Ice the ankle, hopefully it’ll be as good as new by time for the ski trip.
    Break a leg ;) I’m kidding! ma tshoof shr.

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    I don’t think icing it would do it, 3 suguries did not – bike crash- ;-)