I hate Skiing

December 11, 2008 by


I don’t know how this happend, i was putting my socks on when i noticed it!!

Looks as if i spilled hot water over it

  • Don Quixote

    enta weshak wesh skiing. Elnalak “mugsi” o bezyadeh alaik!

  • http://byteofcoffee.wordpress.com/ 8-bits of Coffee

    Ouchy, terrible blisters. Make sure you don’t pop them the wrong way. Just follow the steps mentioned in this site, and it’ll be ok insh’Allah.

  • http://www.amuq8.blogspot.com Amu

    Sallamat mate…thats looks bad though!

  • http://www.ruby-woo.blogspot.com Ruby Woo

    eww your blisters look weird! When I first skiied, I had blisters during the first hour, so I had to wear really thick socks and that basically did the trick.

    My guess is that you’re probably locking your boots too tight, so loosen them up a little!

  • http://cruxine.wordpress.com cruxine

    more importantly, what is that scar? looks cool :)

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    Bike crash… I have 2 screws under that, I also have the same scar on the other side of the ankel with 8 screws and a plate.
    I can go on to the left leg, the hands and the butt if ur intrested

  • http://macaholiq8.blogspot.com MacaholiQ8


    Can hardly ignore not to comment about the 12″ PowerBook. Do you have Leopard installed and is it running stable? Cuz mine got fried because of OS X 10.5 :/

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    Its running great but hot..u need to do a fresh installation not an upgrade, its very slow compared to the intel machines..the size is the only thing that’s making me holding on to it…i love it.