Death Wall at Eram Park

December 13, 2008 by

  • Amu

    that is one crazy video!!

  • Ruby Woo

    Fast forward to 0:53 seconds. Amazing!

    Btw, I can so do that..


    TriStar support this team twice in 1997 BY the showbeez
    and in 2002 in the shaab park

    they were using KTM 125SX

  • Bu Yousef

    Wow… Nice video. I can’t walk in a straight line now.

  • Adrenaline


    I have seen something smilier at an Indian circus in Syria but inside a ring shaped like an egg were the biker would go completely upside down.

    Ruby Woo:
    Am loving you more and more as i post.

    In Iran it has to be Honda.

    Bu Yousef:
    Imagine me coming down the stairs afterwords after inhaling the exhaust fumes of a 2 stroke engine for 5 minutes