Prices of the 2009 K series

December 16, 2008 by


BMW Motorrad has released the prices of the 2009 K series, the bikes should be available at BMW dealers starting February 2009, 14,700 Euro for the K1300R ,  17,050 Euro for the K1300S, and 18,650 Euro for the K1300GT.

Usually the local prices are close to the European ones, and with the falling exchange rate of the Eruo the prices will be really competitive.


    always you can hunt with your gun!!!isn’t it!!!

  • Busa

    So what that’s like KD 6500 for the K1300S…thats too fucking expensive

  • Chic

    KD 6500 is not much, hardly the price of one of my designer dresses

  • Hamad


    The K1300R has much more aggressive looks than the S, and i wouldn’t compare it with Japanese bikes

  • Hamad

    i mean compare the price

  • lolo

    i like the one in the photo, its really different and aggressive isn’t that the same bike in the movie Bangkok Dangerous?

  • Adrenaline

    Yep thats the one, but the one in the photo is the 2009 it got a slight face left and extra juice…this bike was the most powerful naked bike in world in 2006.

  • Obeid

    Am going to pay for mine today, but still have to wait two more weeks for it to arrive.
    i got the lava R, i feel lucky being in Canada I’m paying around KD4500 for the fully loaded one…i think i can sell it for the same if i bring it back with me to Kuwait next year ;-)

  • Micky

    Tristar have a used one in the showroom, i live in same building of the owner the bike hardly made 600km.

  • Essa

    They also have a new one but i can’t recall the price, it’s a cool looking bike but it needs someone with a fine taste to appreciate its looks.

  • Busa

    That bike is full of problems just ask anyone that owned one, the three guys that bought it wants to sell, one of them is already at Tristar showroom with less than 1000km on it, a lot of gear problems, ABS, dying batteries…and so on

    The same problems are with the S model by the way