I like the rear

December 22, 2008 by


  • http://guanabee.com/2008/09/woman-dressed-as-cow-makes-bes.php saggiest.43 !

    Rear ? girl in RED ( ist purplish red ) ? Huge pipes ? :I

    rear and huge pipes ! :I

    I knew it , gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  • http://3conference.wordpress.com 3conference

    grrrrrrrrrrrr, nice ass, so hot

  • http://bmwmotoclubkw.com TRIXTER

    Still…id you know what i mean!!!!!!!!!! the one you and me know is still far away better…roundohhhhhhhhh

  • http://www.amuq8.blogspot.com Amu

    Who doesnt like it ;p

  • Jis

    i know that one…it deserves to be framed and placed at the Louvre Museum

  • http://N/A Chris

    Hey! Did anyone noticed the license plate? :))

    Bad photography … can’t really see the bike …
    But both bike and that beautiful woman look amazing :)

    Let’s do the math:

    1 HOT bike + 1 HOT woman = 2HOT :)

  • http://N/A Chris

    Lucky guy who rides these two :)