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Was at the 6th ring road yesterday watching MotoCross, race was very competitive…the guys were like Kamikazies, i never seen such a spirit before.

It’s worth visiting every now and then..a lot of families attend…kids love watching the bikes fly high.

There is a race every Saturday.

  • Ayman

    very interesting … but when it starts on Saturday?

  • jojo


    I saw the TriStar KTM there ( by the way thier racer Abdula Al-Shatti came second against the GGC racers in the 250 category ),,, so I guess Salem of TriStar will be the man with all the information you need.Give him a call

  • Bu Yousef

    Great Saturday for the kids. What time? Where exactly Adrenaline?

  • Adrenaline

    TRIXTER why don’t you give Bu Yousef the directions, i always miss the exit and sometimes twice :-(

  • Bu Yousef

    I’m sure I will too :)
    Yallah Trixter…Any time before Sarturday please. Sank you.


    Bu yosif has only to call 66 704 999 or check our or for next races

  • Bu Yousef

    Mashkooooooor Trixter.

  • Adrenaline

    Bu Yousef,

    The beauty of the iPhone is that it geo tags the photos taken with it, the beauty of iPhoto 09 is that it show’s you the map where the photo was taken.

    This is where the above photo was taken

    I still think you should call TRIXTER.

    Now do you have iLife 09 or you want me to send you the link to torrent file to download it.

  • Amu

    sounds like a fun event…will be there next saturday!

  • Amu

    did my comments get posted?

  • Adrenaline

    Looks like it

  • Bu Yousef

    Now that is Impressive! With a capital “I”. That’s why I love technology.

    I know exactly how to get there now… See you (and TRIXTER) on Saturday… I assume you will both be on two wheels?

  • Bu Yousef

    Ok it’s on of three:

    1. We were too early
    2. We were too late
    3. There was no race

    We were there at 12:30 today… Easy to find – thanks for the directions, let me know about the next race please :)

  • Adrenaline

    Ooops sorry about that…i usually call TRIXTER before going i thought you’ll do the same….next time call Tristar and ask either for Mark or Salem 22405194 for race updates


    Why don’t you post the schedule of the race.. if there is any :-)

  • Bu Yousef

    A schedule would be perfect. I will call next time.

  • Adrenaline

    a race will be taking place this Saturday, but double check with Mike at TriStar 22405194

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