March 8, 2009 by


An art exhibition is taking place today and thru March 14th at the Marina Hotel, five arab females will be displaying their work in celebration of the “wondrous multifaceted role played by women in the world today ” ….whatever that is.

I like the name they chose for the exhibition, if it wasn’t for that apple i would have been blogging from haven right now.

So if you are a feminist make sure you check them out -the art pieces, not the artistes.

  • jojo

    Cool stuff.Good to see something other than bikes as pcs of art.Should be interesting to explore

  • Chic

    explore what exactly.. the art or the artistes?

  • Don Quixote


    explore art of God, the artists!

  • Chic

    Don Quixote,

    i couldn’t think of a better comment if the artists where men ;-)

  • Don Quixote

    Great minds think alike!

  • Busa

    you have a way in diverting attention from the main topic of the post with the comment you end your posts with, i like that ;-)