Recession…what recession?

April 21, 2009 by


I finally made up my mind…i just had to do it, the beast and the deal i got were IRRESISTIBLE.

I asked TriStar to deliver it to the office and they did, i was busy so i only rode it down to the parking hopping to take it out today but it looks like am not gona be able to ride it today as well, i was hopping to break in the engine before the weekend….not gona happen.

I can’t believe it…i have a new toy and its been almost 24 hours and i did not get a chance to play with it…am i getting old, don’t have the time, or have priorities !!!

  • JoJo

    If you ware pants to work then might as well ride it to work. I heard a proper gradual break-in period for a BMW is 10,000 km before you can push it to max,,,so you better start !! If you do not have the time ,,,, can I have the honor ??

  • Amu

    Mabrook….that ride looks hot and beautiful :) ride safely!

  • Adrenaline

    10,000 thats too much, i totaled my Yamaha after 5000km, i had my Duc for more than 2 years and it only has 8000km….am gona take it easy with the K for the first 1500km.

    And if you can do 10,000 in a week, i’ll be more than happy to give you the honor ;-)

  • ٩٩٩

    Mabrouk, looks really powerfull you need a matching helemet now.

    You should have got another Duc though ;-)

  • Ayman

    Inshallah alf Mabrouk….the best news ever

  • jojo


    When I said gradual break-in means first 1000km at 40000 rpm ,which is around KM120/hr on a BMW,then the next 2000 km around 5000 rpm,then the next 2000 km around 6000 rpm .At these rpms the bike is already doing up-to 160km/hr so it is not like you will not enjoy high speed but rather don’t race it at low spee/high rpm.This is aplicable to all engines.

    If the offer is still on I am ready to put the mi;;age for you !!!

  • Mathai

    Mabrook ! I thought you would buy a KTM :)

  • Anas

    Mabrouk :) 1000 Mabrouk.

    يعطيك خيرها و يكفيك شرها

  • Bu Yousef

    Salhiya parking?

  • Adrenaline

    nop take another guess ;-)

    Hint: not in Kuwait City

  • Bu Yousef

    No idea!

  • Adrenaline


    If by KTM u meant a motocross bike then that kind of bikes require that u be in top physical condition… workout everyday and stuff, otherwise u’ll end up selling it the next day…off road biking is not an easy task.
    Last time i rode an off road bike i couldn’t stay at it more than 5 minutes, and the next day i needed a message to loosen my back, wrists, legs, muscles

  • Adrenaline


    not that powerful ONLY 173bhp ;-) , i got the helmet before the bike
    افا عليك…الدوا قبل الفلعه
    hope i don’t need it

  • Tamer

    Mabrook man…. Gorgeous bike…. Just be careful!!!!!!!

  • JoJo


    I hope the weather will be fine so you can have fun and report your feedback as I am looking into the new K1300S

  • Mathai

    no not a motocrosser, I too had some knee problems when I went offroad. I meant something like the RC8.. thats a sexy bike :)

  • Adrenaline

    i am more of a naked bikes guy, am also thinking of traveling on the bike and the RC8 is not the right bike for that.

  • Amu

    Can I guess where the bike is parked ? ;p

  • Busa


    i’ll keep an eye on it whenever am out riding ;-)


    K1300S is even much more powerful than the R, even though it has the same engine but its tuned differently.
    i heard its going to give the Busa a hard time, we just have to wait and see

  • JoJo


    Thanks for the advice.Busa might fast but eventhogh I love speed & how fast abike goes ,I worry just as much how well the bike stops & the choice is obnious , , BMW

  • Adrenaline

    i agree with JoJo,
    automotive manufacturers used to promote cars by how fast a car can reach 60mph -the Zero to 60mph time-, now its 0-60-0 thats how fast can it go back to Zero.

    check this post title

  • Ruby Woo

    it’s beautiful!

    and yes you’re getting old.. since when was riding your bike not your first priority?

  • vampire

    hey Congrats man,,
    tell me the moment you break it in so i can take it for a spin and do burn outs, the K1300R do it best ;)

    ya36eek ’7aira o ykafeek sharra, etkasra bel 3afya, ride safe

  • Adrenaline

    Thank u all.

    Will do :-)