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A year+ ago i bought a Storz Performance steering damper kit for my Ducati SC, the damper performed very well and was worth the investment..lately the damper started acting funny and steering the bike became very difficult…so i called Storz Performance and explained the problem..they were very helpfull and explained to me what could be the problem then asked me to send the damper back to have it checked, a couple of days later i got a brand new one at no cost not even a shipping cost !!!

Even though i’am at the other side of the world and used the damper for more than a year, Storz Performance was happy to replace it…talk about costumer service.

Thanks Jim.

  • http://aurousxpages.wordpress.com Aurous

    exactly like the service you’d get here ;p

  • monster4

    By the way your Duc looks fantastic smallah, whats the round shaped monument standing behind it?

  • http://www.BuYousef.net Bu Yousef

    Good service is a breath of fresh air in any business…

    Cool shot.

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    monster4, thats where i live.

    Bu Yousef,
    am talented but lack the right tools, actually i hate carrying bulky cameras ;-)

  • Amigo


    I assume Adrelanine knows u live in Kuwait,,,but just in case u don’t,the round monument is part of the modern symble of Kuwait,,,, The Kuwait Towers


    Talent is NOT related to the size of your tool !!!

  • R1

    Some of the local dealers respect themselves and their clients’, others just don’t know you as soon as you pay and walk out the door.
    You pay 4000kd for a bike and don’t get a warranty !!!!

  • Speed


    I have my Ducati & BMW from TriStar with 2 years warranty unlimited milage on both

  • R1

    am thinking of trading my R1 with a new bike from tristar the new BMW maybe, do you know if they do any trade in?
    i haven’t dealt with them before but heard they have good after sales service.

  • Speed

    Sorry for late reponse as I was on vacation.

    TriStar do tradee-ins depending on what bike you have & which bike you want.Just visit the showroom & spaek to Salem.I got a good deal trading-in my old bike with 2 ( ducati/BMW)

  • http://bmwmotoclubkw.com TRIXTER

    R 1 ////
    this info i got for you from SALEM @TriStar
    you may need to visit TriStar showroom
    every day from 9 am till 1 pm
    evening 4 pm to 9 pm
    then Friday off:

    #2 2405194