A Greek bachelor party

September 29, 2009 by

My last night out in Athens was to a rebetiko place called Pinelopi & Mnistires, the restaurant is a fairly small one, the tables were very close to each other and it felt like its one big table and everybody is sitting next to each other like one big party family.

There was a round 60 people in the restaurant, we were 8, and next to us around 20 Athenian women throwing a bachelor party for one of them – well it started that way but after some time the whole restaurant was part of that party-.

  • Hamad

    The Greeks’ are best when it comes to enjoin their time, they make you feel like one of them especially if you go to places where no tourists go.

    which one is the pride to be ?

  • Mais

    looks like everybody is having good time ;-)

  • Micky

    did i hear Opa and your name after it ?