Gulf Smoke Out Day

October 1, 2009 by


Alrashid Hospital in collaboration with Kuwait BMW Motorcycles Club, organized a ride for club members in the occasion of the “Gulf Smoke Out Day “…meeting point was at Al Corniche Club and from there to Al Rashid Hospital for a snack, refreshments, and a little prsentation on the side effects of smoking, and how can Alrashid Hospital helps those who are willing to quit.

Smokers wrote down their names on their cigarets packs and dropped them in box for a draw on prices form the event sponsors,  the funny part was that there were very few smokers -around 5 out of over 50 riders-, and those who smoked were lucky because they’ll be wining some cool prices in the draw.

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  • Trixter

    She Wasn’t there..

  • Amigo

    Was a nice ride & hope the season will be lots of fun as the temperature finally droped to 35 c !

  • James

    I heard the system is called IQS,,,, I Quit Smoking ! I don’t smoke but hope those who do have the will to give it yp as nothing is more sure than the damage sigarets do to our bodies

  • CigarBabe

    My smoke was there ;-)

  • Micky

    just googled IQS Kuwait and got this is it the same?

  • Amal Abdel Malak

    Hospital without Smoking

  • Adrenaline


    i believe its the same