Test Riding Day

October 31, 2009 by


I went to Al Corniche Club today to visit the TriStar guys and to test ride some of the bikes they had, the weather was nice and the event was well organized, a lot of bikers showed up..it was like a bikers’ gathering…some female bikers were also there.

We have ridden almost all the bikes they had there, then ended up riding each other bikes….it was a like a bike orgy.

Miss Lebanon Emigrant of Kuwait happened to be there and was in her Halloween costume which matched the colors of my bike.IMG_0797







Easy wheelies is one of the advantages of being over weight


The Harely dudes also came for a dose of  Italian adrenaline .


  • JoJo

    Like those orange striped socks whoever the miss is ?

  • Mamdan

    I came late & did not get to see the BMW G450X in the flesh.It was sold on the spot

  • http://topdark.com vampire

    farzad’s face look hilarious

  • SoLo

    Very nice event. I’m sure the next one in Jan 2010 will be even better.

  • Khaled

    Despite Farzad’s size he is as agile as a 60 Kg biker.He was my TriStar Motorcycle Accademy bike trainer & he is good but always refused to teach me wheelie

  • Al Sabah

    I Love her! She’s wooooooow mashallah

  • Soud Al-

    ahla miss kuwait wallah

  • http://q8moto.blogspot.com/ Chris

    Nice photos … too bad i missed the Halloween Girl … :P

    Check out more photos from this event here:

    Hopefully i’ll get my moto license soon enough for the next event like this one :)

  • Noura Al-M

    i know the miss lebanon kuwait in the orange and i took a photo with her. her name is difficilt a lot & she is very tall and very nice