Noise for a cause

November 18, 2009 by

DAR AL SHIFA Hospital and Kuwait BMW Motorcycle Club are organizing the second Ride to save event, bikers will gather at  Shiik Resort @ 2:30 p.m. then head off to DAR AL SHIFA Hospital to donate blood.

Get your bikes and make some noise for a good cause.

  • SoLo

    2:30 PM… which day ;)

  • Adrenaline

    Opps, this Friday

  • Khaled

    This is a good cause we should all support . I heard that all are welcome even if u don’t have a bike arrange to ride with a biker. Bring the kids to see all the exiting bikes

  • Trixter

    Ride To SAV3 is an event sponsored by Dar Al Shifa Hospital in alliance with BMW Motor Club, Kuwait Blood Bank & Kuwait Thalassemia Association.

    BMW Motor Club will organize the biggest bikers’ gathering in the region to convoy to Dar Al Shifa Hospital to DONATE Blood. Thalassemia patients will be receiving the bikers as a token of gratitude.

    برعاية مستشفى دار الشفا و بتنظيم مشترك من نادي بي ام دبليو للدراجات الناريةوبنك الدم المركزي و بالتعاون مع رابطة مرضىالثلاسيميا تنطلق يوم الجمعة الساعة 4:30 عصرا حملة ” انطلق لتنقذ” الثانية حيث ستنطلق مسيرة تضم اكثر من ٢٠٠ دراج من منتجع شيك البدع للتبرع بالدم في مستشفى دار الشفا و بوجود أطفال مرضى الثلاسيميا

  • Trixter
  • Jafar Behbehani

    Dear All,

    On behave of the Kuwait BMW Motorcycle Club i would like to thank all the participants & collaborators,, Dar El Shifa, The Blood Bank, & Schik Resort. This year the event was much better organized with a bigger turn out ,,,,, however the number of actual Doners was 50% (Fifty % ) Less than last year. This is indeed very disappointing to say the least . One of the reasons for this is the misunderstanding that the blood was collected for Dar El Shifa Hospital ,,, which is not TRUE. In Kuwait , by Law only the Official Blood Bank is authorized to collect,store & distribute blood in Kuwait. Where it is collected is irrelevent ,. Could be a Hospital,A Bank or just any other location. This year the blood was specifically was collected for the Thelasimya patients.
    I hope next time our fellow bikers get more positive towards their social responsibilty to help change the general immage of the public from one of irresponsible to responsible citizens.
    Thanks you all