The New Kid on the block

December 28, 2009 by

The new BMW S1000RR -aka double R- is here and we were promised a test ride.
183hp on the wheel, race ABS, race traction control…..can’t wait, too bad we don’t have a track to really test BMW tech.

  • GSX-R

    nice, i love the color scheme

  • Shaghab


  • ٩٩٩

    شكله وايد رشيق

  • Busa

    I saw it yesterday and true it is رشيق
    and narrow i guess it will be as agile as a 1098

  • JoJo

    With 200 bhp out of the box ,it better be good !! It certainly looks good .

  • R!

    I must say the RSV4 looks more aggressive, but i have to compare the specs and prices.

  • Hamad

    it heard they only got a one demo bike and if you want one u have to wait 2 month to get it or pay extra to get it by plane !!!

  • Shaghab

    From all the reviews I’ve read… its sounds like a bad ass bike, and I’d gladly wait 2 months to smoke those japanese bikes and show them whats up… I think this will be, wait.. i KNOW this will be my next bike….GSXRs, CBRs and all the rest…I’m coming for all all of y’all….

  • MediaChick

    the looks are nothing special, almost like the Japanese bikes, but i guess it has more technology than all Japanese bikes

  • RSV
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