GulfRun 5 car show

January 15, 2010 by

This year is the fifth year for the GulfRun event, the event is becoming very popular, and better organized, the participants are 50+ thats around 10 more than last year.

A lot of  companies noticed the popularity of the event and are sponsoring it…Bike World is raffling 2 GulfRun branded Vispas, and the proceeds will go to the Hayat Cancer Foundation.

The cars are heavily moded, unfortunately we can’t tell how much HP these machines can pump out, but maybe next year they’ll have a specs sheet next to each car listing the modes, HP, and breaking power.

I’ll leave you with some photos

Red can be anything you want it to be !!

The GulfRun Twins, sexier than the Hefner Twins.

Blue M6: see you in Bahrain

Breaking power that can stop a jetliner

Bring it on !!

Don't be fooled, don't know what's under the bonnet.

A classic...feast your eyes, and checkout the background

  • vampire

    crazy cars,, love ‘em

  • Adrenaline

    @ vampire, i heard ur selling the bike..getting ready to get married !!

    U better keep it, cause you won’t be able to buy a new one after getting married, the only thing u’ll be buying is pampers and milk ;-)

  • vampire

    i need cash
    and no, it’s not for marriage :P~

  • RSV

    Love the Vispas’

  • RPM

    Love the Post but just to clarify Bike World did not raffle 2 vespas…. GulfRun bought 2 vespas and raffled them off with all proceeds going to charity 9,460.000 KD to be exact :)