The massacre of the Suzuki brothers

January 30, 2010 by

A friend of mine got the new BMW S1000RR for a day to test ride it, we went out around 10am Friday and enjoyed the usual Friday morning ride …then we meet up with some friends for coffee, one had a Hayabusa and the other had a GSX-R 1000, of-course the usual debate starts and we end up racing the BMW against the Hayabusa and its little brother the GSX-R1000.

I’ll leave you with a couple of videos…

Oh.. and the BMW claimed all 3 runs.

  • SoLo

    Did any duc challenged this beast ??

  • Adrenaline

    None dared

  • vampire

    1. this is not suppose to be posted here!! it’s illegal

    2. the dealer who gave the bike for test ride should respond to this!

  • R1

    are the bikes stock?

  • Facelift

    i don’t think there is a stock Japanese bike in Kuwait

  • Trixter

    the only thing i could say here is

    Hayabosa bye bye

    Hayabosa became a past though this beast BMW S1000 RR level was the Jap*s 1000 cc
    not hayabosa
    come and read full Comparison and also you are welcome to take it daylight for 15 minutes test..

  • Adrenaline

    Only the S1000RR was stock, the Busa had an Akra exhaust system, race air filter, Power Commander with auto tune, lower kit, and restricter chip removed.

    The GSXR1000 had an exhaust system, race air filter, Power Commander.

  • WaHaBz

    be careful the price for bmw s 1000 rr last thursday was 5,500 after this races they go up today for 6,400 …it`s look like fish market !!

  • Robert

    @vampire, stop being a girl.

    That 1000RR is damn quick! cannot believe!

  • SoLo

    1098/1198 riders … where are the Balls :P

  • Al owaish

    guys i should say watch out the BMW RR is not just a bike its a Rocket… i was there and i saw it all..

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  • KuwaitQ

    @ solo
    this bike was driven by a busa biker about a month ago and when i asked him how it stand up with japan he said “la ween, il hayabusa wayid aqwa” seems facts speak louder than words…
    i then raced him three times on an 1198 stand still, roll on and at 60 kph, the Ducati was dominant on all three runs!
    Truth be told the guy was wheelieing on every jump…

  • Facelift

    i wounder what could it do next to the RSV4

  • Micky

    the price in the US starts from KD4000

  • khalid

    i have a ducati 1198 , i tested the BM RR today and its powerful . a ducati may seem more at ease with corners but i think if u put the two together
    the RR may have an edge . and it is smoother . it is a crazy bike the RR . The power is endless ……..

  • Krek Bad

    I can see anything!!!

  • Krek Bad

    Shit!!! I CANT see anything!!!

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  • Busa

    Lesson learned: never buy a demo bike ;-)

  • Marzouq

    As can be expected from the BMW Engineering! Nice work!

    I wana try out that machine!

  • ٩٩٩

    ask for a full day, the 30min they give is nothing, you need a couple of hours to get used to it.
    Race mode with traction off is the way to go ;-), the traction works even at speeds of 100+

  • Ashwin

    Ongala Bonga, Zhing phi phi… BMW-s1000rr!!!