It’s Official

May 11, 2010 by

I posted eriler about the rumor of Casey Stoner transition to Honda, it seams the rumor is true and his marriage with Ducati ends at the end of the WSBK 2010…its said that the move is orchestrated by Livio Suppo an ex project manager at Ducati MotoGP.

The question is what will happen to Dani?

  • Hamad

    The question is who will ride the Ducati ?

  • JoJo

    With Ducati anyone can become a champion.

  • R1

    @Hamad Ducati will throw themselves over Rossi

  • Katana

    @JoJo thats why Stoner did not win any race so far this season, hehehehehe

  • biker

    i was doing a research and i found out the following data, its the points that factory collects and how many bikes they have. remember the more bikes you have the more points you get, :P
    APRILIA184 2 bikes racing
    SUZUKI181 3 bikes racing
    DUCATI149 7 bikes racing
    HONDA119 6 bikes racing
    YAMAHA113 2 bikes racing
    BMW95 5 bikes racing
    KAWASAKI37 5 bikes racing

  • Adrenaline

    i wouldn’t worry about that, just enjoy the races and rate the bikes according to the performance and handling you see during the race …leave the teams to worry about the points.

    Organizers try to make the competition as fair as possible by having Manufacturers standings and riders standings….but always remember that real life is not as fair ;-) .

  • ahmed

    but when you have 10 bikes from one manufacturer, the chances are higher of winning from that specific brand

  • Busa

    @ahmed, the chances will stell be higher if you bring a 100 Camels to the race, but would you buy a Camel to ride on weekends ?

  • Ahmed

    Busa, i would rather be on a stallion on a weekend :)

    • Adrenaline

      am not sure what Ahmed means by being on a stallion on the weekend, i hope by stallion he means a horse ;-)

  • R1

    the only stallion is the Yamaha in the MoroGP, and the Aprillia in the Superbike.
    Case closed.

  • ahmed

    R1, thank you