BMW Soft Bag 2 -Large-

July 30, 2010 by

I’ll be going on a little bike trip next week, and i needed a bag to carry my stuff so i got this BMW bag…its a 55 liter soft bag with a semi hard bottom.

Its water proof and can sit on the pillion seat or on the luggage rack and strapped to the bike chassis, it comes with 6 pairs of straps -different sizes-, sidetop pockets, light reflectors, and a shoulder strap.

In case you need to know, i easily stuffed it with 16 t-shirts, 3 jeans, 3 shorts, 2 swimming shorts, 10 underwear’s, 3 pairs of shoes, a Flip-flop, socks, laptop, camera, chargers, toiletries, and the travel documents in the transparent upper pocket.

I like the quality of and design of the bag that i also got the smaller one -30 Liters-.

  • Gaby

    I have seen one of those & the best part is the designe of the zippers which are totally water proof.May be a close up of the zip will be informative

  • Mohd Jery

    Very nice bag …. it looks like it was made for traveling in space :-)
    Good Luck with the trip

  • Adrenaline

    @ Gaby yes isn’t that cool, its also dust proof.

    @ Jery the amount of details in the bag is amazing, the designers thought of everything…as if it was designed by a group of rides.

  • Amu

    Besallama enshallah :) where are you off too?

  • Iain Farrell

    How’s the bag holding up on your trip. I’m test riding a k1300r when my dealer next gets one in. I’m very excited. How many miles have you done so far? Anything you don’t like about the bike?

    • Adrenaline

      @ Iain, its great.. it can take all your wardrobe!! am doing speeds of +200km but am using an extra strap to secure it.
      i’ll email you a photo