Destination Greece

August 6, 2010 by

We were planing this trip of a while and were supposed to leave Kuwait back in July, but we had to postponed it hoping a couple of our friends will be able to join us, but unfortunately they couldn’t and we ended up only 2 -out of 4- me on my K1300R and my friend on his B-King

We left Kuwait Monday 9pm, reached Syria the next day around 5pm, we intended to stay only 2 days in Syria, rest the first day and ride around the next day.

We spent the first day at the pool, then went riding for around 5 hours between the villages in the mountains… we reached 950m elevation, we were literary over the clouds.

The weather was great and the roads were irresistible so we decided to stay one more day and enjoy storming the villages with our roarings bikes doing +160km on roads that were built for 30km Tractors … people were enjoying the sound of our bikes more that we did !!! maybe because they are used to the 125cc bikes going fast but making pure noise.

We should be on our way to Turkey today.

  • Mohd Jery

    Good to know that your having a good time. keep the photos and good news coming.
    ride safe and enjoy the trip.

    P.S please post more photos of the B King :-)

  • bu ahmed

    Keep on Riding say Hi to Samhan , wish I was with u
    inshallah next time .

  • 1000 RR

    man that’s a nice view

  • 1000 RR

    is the K1300 R IS yours!!!
    what is this ugly bike in the back! ohhh sorry i guess its slip of a tongue

  • Sarge

    Nice work. The photo’s look quite stunning. Hope you keep posting more pics. Enjoy your ride to Turkey. Wish we could do more of this. Stay safe.

  • vampire

    enjoy and stay safe both of you
    take more photos please (^_^) “

  • Biker

    On a bike trip the last thing you want to have is a mishap on the road !! you should ride sensebly with safety in mind not like you say doing 160k/h on roads made for 30km/h tractors !!! All you need is a chicken jumping out on the road !!.
    Wish u enjoyable trip & safe return