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I have been riding my motorcycle to work almost daily this season, and that requires wearing the riding gear which is usually not comfy -especially the boots- to be in for the 8+ hours around the office,

I’am currently wearing the Dainese Scarpa Sechura boots, which is very comfy and blends well with my Kevlar jeans and my leather jacket, but i needed another pair of riding boots that has all the safety a riding boot could offer, comfy, a bit metro sexual and could be worn to meetings with clients…so i did some googling and came across the Stylmartin brand, they offer 2 collections Performance and Leisure, the latter has a nice variety that suits my needs, but i need to google reviews before ordering any.

  • Biker

    I have been wearing the BMW Gortex for long period of times ,winter & summer ,,,, light, presentable in meetings , no sweat ,no heat build-up , wind & water proof , and extremely comfortable. Look no further.

  • ahmed

    Aziz ride a VESPA :)

    • Q8Moto

      gift me one ;-) and make it a metro sexual

  • Q8Moto

    I have a pair of those and they are VERY good, but they are not metro sexual ;-)

  • Nick Campbell


    Just found this page and noticed the Dainese Scarpa Sechura you mentioned you are wearing. I am also searching for a lower boot with good ankle protection and this Dainese caught my eye. What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? Thank you for your time.

    • Q8Moto

      its not low boot, its lower than a race boot but still taller than the Puma Flat 2 boots, the only thing that i don’t like is the mesh martial on the sides but without that the boot wont be as airy, i believe the boot will look much nicer if it had less of that martial.