You’re never too old !

March 5, 2011 by

Me and a friend are in Doha for a track day at Circuit Losail, we arrived yesterday had Mundi “مندي” for diner in a Yamani restaurant at Souk Wagif then went back to the hotel to get some sleep so we can wake up at 6am for the track, anyway we couldn’t sleep before 3am…i guess it was the Mundi effect.
We just came back from a 3 hour track day, all i can it was thrilling and tiring at same time…we are going for a swim now.
The lady on my Bumble Bee is Jacki a 58 year biker, she rides a Ducati Monster and can make you feel ashamed of your riding skills.


    Anyone makes you feel ashamed of your riding skills!

  • jojo

    Now that is a grandmother I can relate to !

  • Q8Moto

    @ HELLRAISER i have no problem as long as it not you :P

  • The Stig

    Now really this awkward, I was beaten by a 16 years old in Bahrain.
    but he was driving a faster car. :P

    But this lady is crazy, life has no limits.

  • MediaChick

    Desmo definition, me like very much

  • sd

    Ive found ma new inspiration

  • Sarge

    Dham!!!!! 58 you say…. that’s amazing and it’s making me feel so young now.