I’ve Got the Power !

May 10, 2011 by

This is a video we shot last year, we had a demo Aprilla RSV4 Factory, a demo BMW S1000rr and a fully moded BMW E60 M5.
We were experimenting with the RR trying to find out what can it do, so we asked our friend on the RR to stop and only start accelerating when we – me on the RSV4 and my friend in the M5- pass by him at a speed of 100kmh.
Now the thing that we did not know that the RSV4 was on the “R” mood which stands for Road and only pumps out 140hp while the “R” mood on the RR is the race mode that unleashes all the 180 horses.

  • A Khajah

    I remember you talking about testing it but didn’t know there was a video. great vid Thanks for sharing:)

    which road is this btw?

  • http://q8moto.com Q8Moto

    Somewhere in Sebiya

  • hotled

    want all the stuped car owners to shut up and stop thinkin a car can beat a superbike on the road, ok , or im gonna come and kick ur ass and make you laught about it

  • http://utterrelease.com BuYousef

    The laugh was from the heart :) Perfectly timed.