Yamaha Scrambler

September 28, 2013 by

yamaha-scrambler3Seams the Scrambler fever is spreading, this gem is derived from the Yamaha XV950 Star Bolt “the Yamaha bobber”. Yamaha gave ten  XV950 Star Bolt to 10 custom builders and asked them to customize it the way they like.

Greg Hageman is the builder of this scrambler, Hageman is a famous customizer specializing in Yamaha and his design chosen by Yamaha as one of the ten best customizations. The concept is inspired by the 60s and 70s the golden age of scramblers.

You can see the other customizations and vote for your favorite on StarMotorcycles Facebook page.

yamaha-scrambler4 yamaha-scrambler5 yamaha-scrambler6   yamaha-scrambler





  • philip manuell

    I think you need someone to do a long term test-drive ….. me! 1,000 miles, Maidstone to Edinburgh and back on the muddiest roads I can find.
    I’d like to own an XV950 but I’ll never afford one, not now, anyway. With the raised seat I’d probably fit it like a glove.

  • Lavaspit

    This should be put into production right away. just come up with some otehr color-ways so you don’t confuse Ducati customers. I really prefer this more traditional frame and setup to the weird swing arm and other choices (ie LOTS of plastic) ont he Ducatis. I fthis came out as a 750 to 1200 under 10-12k i woudl be in.