2013 Ducati Multistrada specs

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The 2013 Multistrada got a lot of little tweaks here and there, but the most important addition to the 2013 Multistrada is the new semi-active Ducati Suspension (DSS), the DSS system uses an electric valve to control the damping of the suspension to give a comfier ride at any of the four riding modes -Sport, Touring, Urban or Enduro- without compromising the sport handling. The system monitors information from accelerometers, throttle, and the ABS to continually adjust the damping rate based on the riding mode.

ABS now comes in three modes to suit the four riding modes -Sport, Touring, Urban or Enduro- so the intervention can be increased or decreased according to the riding mode.

The engine got a 5% increase in torque at the peak of the torque curve, thanks to the repositioned injectors which now spray directly on the hot intake valve. The cylinder head is now Dual Spark −2 spark plugs per head- for a complete burn for a smother operation at low speeds.

2013 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC ABS

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All you need to know about the 2013 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC ABS.

The Best Just Got Better

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Since 2008 the Suzuki Hayabusa hardly got any upgrades, most of the changes were cosmetic, come to think of it its not easy to enhance an a great bike like the Hayabusa. For the 2013 model, Suzuki decided to make the Hatabusa a safer bike by upgrading its break system to ABS and replacing the front calipers with high performance Brembo mono block calipers.

The bike also got a new Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) that enable the rider to choose from 3 different engine maps on the fly directly from the handle bar. The bike still lack  traction control which leaves the reader fully recpocible for his actions.

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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 2013 One Million edition !

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Suzuki GSX-R 1000 2013 One Million edition !

Suzuki unveiled yesterday GSX-R 1000 2013 1 Million edition, the bike has a new color scheme celebrating 25 years of production glory and the one million bikes produced from the GSX-R 1000 line.

I don’t see any changes in the bike other than the color, the numbered plaque and the 4 in 1 exhaust !

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Black beauty !

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The 2013 Ducati Street Fighter got a couple of  minor upgrades, but the one i like the most is the traditional Ducati red frame coupled with the new matte race titanium body.

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The Devil in disguise

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The 2013 Diavel gets a new paint job. I like the red and the matt black but am not sure about the blue !

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The Civilized GS

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I never liked or tempted to ride the BMW GS more than now, the new 2013 water-cooled BMW R1200GS is a Wolf in Cheap clothing. The looks of the new GS is very sharp and civilized yet at heart the GS is is still the same ridged bike we used to know.

I’ll leave you with some detailed photos of the bike. —click for more—

I miss the open roads !

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BMW 2013 spy shots

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Finally some news on the 2013 motorcycle line from BMW, it looks like they are planing 2 new bikes for 2013.

The first is a naked version of the S1000RR with a half faring that looks like a copy of the Aprilia Tuono -which i hate-, and the other one is a Roadster or Cafe Racer style based on the Lo-Rider concept they presented back in 2008.

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Bonjours Paris

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My dear friend Hussain Al Samhan is in Paris, and he just sent me this photo.

He usually ride his bike all the way to Europe, but this year was an exception because riding thru Syria is not safe and there are no ferries from Egypt to Italy so he had to ship the bike to Morocco and tour Morocco then ride the ferry from there to Spain and ride the bike thru Spain all the way to Paris. I’m gona try to join him, but am not gona ship any of my bikes as am trying to buy a bike from France or Italy and spend a month touring Europe on it then sell it or just leave at a friend’s place.

I hope ill be able to do it before Hussain comes back.

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