The side effects

July 30, 2008 by

This a small example of what could happen when people do a lot of partying and forget that they should stop drinking and get some sleep from time to time…

By 4 am you will find a lot of those taking a nap on their way back to the hotel, some will just lose their sense of direction and start asking passersby’s’ for directions, others will just spend the night at the ClubBar W.C.

I bet you that in a couple of years this guy will come to the gulf to work as a consultant for one of the reputed companies here, and start preaching about business ethics, and how hard he had to work to get to this position.


  • Don Quixote


    Reminds me of the hooligans and cowboys trying to bring freedom and democracy to the world!!!

  • civ4freak

    I threw a quarter at one of those people last night… and so now I’m giving normal drunk people change? Is there such thing as a bum identification class?

  • Adrenaline

    Oh no ….that would be discrimination ;-)