The Most Expensive Bird In The World

October 9, 2008 by

Bought by a Kuwaiti for 1,200,000 Saudi Riyal.

  • Broken Wing

    oh my god!
    for a bird?!!!
    what? all of a sudden they got tired of money and started to buy animals? :(
    I could think of great ways that 1,200,000 could be spent :(

  • Bu Yousef

    It’s worth it… What a beautiful bird.

  • 8bitsofcoffee

    It is so white O.o even the peak! It kicks Kitty’s ass that’s for sure.

  • kit

    what a waste of $

  • TotalKaosE

    Bout $310,000 USD. Yeah, that’s a lot, but not compared to how much a Saudi would have to pay, I guess. Either way, if it’s rare enough to be worth 1 million riyals, its PROBABLY worth the 1 million riyals.

  • ali ranjha

    i have alot of these birds in my area in pakistan,
    want then contact me on 923009600123

  • jacob

    that is a mad bird ha i have loads of black cockatoos at my house in australia

  • Nancy

    We have Hyacinth Macaw Birds for Sale

    Contact if interested

  • joel kyle

    what is the name of that bird ? please tell me.////!

  • Adrenaline

    its a Falcon, but totally white

  • Crispin selin

    So priceý

  • Roast Eater (Ali from Lahore)

    have you gone mad ………u could have spent it in serving humanity for those children who sleep hungry every night and await a helper to help them and seek the real dawn of their life …………just shame on you……….i can eat its roast in less than two minutes and then my pooop will cost 1,100,000 (discounted rate without feathers)

  • Z.mJ

    How much for a full Carbon one

  • usman

    Ali, they do that too, they give money to needy people too… you dont take off your clothes and help people from money and dont fullfil your wishes

    get a life

  • Noman

    What a stupid guy? What would he do with the bird now? I think it is more of a show-off then it is about keeping the “valuable/Unique” pet.

    I must admit that the guy who sold was smart enough to find about buyer’s insanity; Bull’s Eye!!!!

    Please consider about your future and your children’s future and if the said is secured then there are many children who do not get to eat food daily. The bird should be free and part of echo-system.

  • shah hussain

    there are many stupid person but bird Bayer are

    • shah hussain

      such like bird if some one give me i will pay 12,00,000$$ us dollar

      • duhdan

        a pure white Gyrfalcon,extremly rare and far more valuable than any amount of money ,but any gyr,of any size or any color phase is to anyone who knows their worth,and can share in the measure of their creation,pricless.

  • ZmJ
  • Khush Chandawat

    waste bird bro

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  • juan

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  • juan
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