What A Contrast

December 1, 2008 by

Azadi Monument

I posted about the trip i was supposed to do during Eid to the UK and then to Amsterdam, but that did not go as planned, and for the past week i was working on an alternative.

I always wanted to visit the so called “Axis of Evil“ countries and had a plan to start with Cuba first, then North Korea and so on…i guess starting with Iran is a minor change.

I booked the tickets online and now i have to find a hotel in Tehran, i was advised to look for at least 5 star hotels as anything less than that is a 2 star in international standards.

  • Anas

    I’ve been there !!!!!
    I know that its very difficult to book your hotel in Tehran, specially that their english is not that good (Same like most of our Arab countries). We had to call a travel agent in KW, who speaks FARICY to get our hotel reservations.

    Try the below hotels:

    Esteghlal Hotel:
    Tel: +982122660011-9
    Fax: +9822660031
    Email: sales@esteghlalhotel.com

    Laleh Hotel:
    Tel: +982188965021-9
    Fax: +982188967171
    Email: info@lalehhotel.com

    We stayed in Laleh; and its 5 star hotel but did not look like one ;-)

  • http://www.amuq8.blogspot.com Amu

    sounds like a fun trip!

  • Essa

    Make sure you go up to توجال and آب علي

  • http://www.BuYousef.net Bu Yousef

    It seems like common knowledge to everyone but I didn’t know and was very embarrassed. My first trip ever to Iran was last April to Tehran. You MUST take cash with your for everything. Hotel, food, shopping, taxis and, of course, a rug.

    Seriously my blogging friend… No credit cards/k-net etc are accepted.


  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    Bu Yousef ..now u tell me, am going crazy with the money here, if only the Rials i have become KDs