The Ultimate Rush

December 12, 2008 by


We left the hotel to have dinner at Ghahve Khaneh & Sofre Khaneh Rah Ahan , as we were going out of the hotel looking for a old man sitting in the passenger seat of a 30 years old Renault 5 waves to us and asks us if we need a taxi, we say yes and hand him the address of the restaurant..he asks us to read it for him because he can’t see clearly !!!

So we did and the adventure begins…

The car can’t go more than 40 km/h and he can’t see beyond 10mtr, he wanted to be nice and start a conversation asking us were r we from..we answer back but he can’t hear us because of his age and the car noise so as a reaction he suddenly slows down to almost a complete stop in the middle of the road trying to figure out what were we saying….and you can imagine what happens to the cars behind us that’s going around 80 km/h, this happened like 3 times then we decided not talk to him so he can concentrate on the road.

Then he falls asleep and the car would stray to the incoming traffic lanes…cars coming form the other direction flash their lights and horn trying to alert him..meanwhile we in the back are enjoying the ride and betting if he will wake up or hit one of the incoming cars…this happened like 6 – 7 times, the best one was when we reached an intersection and our traffic light was red but for him their was no light …he was already asleep..!!! but because the other drivers were alert we managed to survive an accident and walk away with a swear and a rush.



  • Balqees


    ya 7raaaaaaaaaaaam

    ye7zan the guy :(
    he was trying to be nice by making small talk :P
    ya 7liilah


    walla you should have been the driver instead
    then we will find you only in the north


  • Busa

    You should try riding with one of the bikers from Bazaar Bouzork, they stop there to carry stuff from one place to the other…just ask anyone of them to take your hotel and tell him ur in hurry.

    I bet you the rush you’ll get will be your best ever.

  • Amu

    LOOOOOL that was one hilarious post! did u make to the restaurant on time?

  • Hamad

    U mean did they make it alive ?