A Classy Revenge

January 30, 2009 by


Looks like this guy is pissed off the BMW dealer, i’am guessing he forgot his Rolex in the car and it got stolen at the dealership while the car was being serviced or something.

Very creative…don’t you think?

  • Chic

    He is not the first, and they do have a reputation of vacuuming the car of whatever is left inside.
    The CD magazine of my CD changer disappeared after an oil change!!!

  • http://cruxine.wordpress.com cruxine

    haha maskeen. bas 9ara7a ’3abi. “elmal essayib e3allim essir2a” 3ala golathom “p

  • Hamad

    Do you think he will remove it when it’s time for he next service?

  • lolo
  • http://topdark.com vampire

    i hate it when garages post a big banner: “we r not responsible for stealing your thing” it is a stupid thing, it encourages the workers to steal

  • Ayman

    I wonder where he did the banner… it is well made… i liked the way the BMW logo is upside down

  • Don Quixote


    “elmal essayib e3allim essir2a”
    “Weli yegawez omi aolo ya ami”
    “wel eed eli ma teadarsh teat3ha boosha”
    and so on….And thats why they’re on top of the world!

    Anyways if some f up calture comes up with these crap, it doesn’t mean they’re ok and we have to accept them as fact of life!

  • http://ruby-woo.blogspot.com Ruby Woo

    who forgets a rolex in a car?

    It’s his fault. They steal key chains, CD’s, a kleenex box, etc… what makes him think that they won’t get their hands on his rolex?

  • http://macaholiq8.blogspot.com MacaholiQ8

    Well it looks like it wasn’t the dealership’s fault. How could he forget such thing in his car?

    Though to be honest, that’s a decent way of getting right back at them.

  • Reza D.

    Despite the fact that he left or forgot the watch or even what he signed on before handing in his key, the company should at least investigate any immoral act or show some due diligence so to minimize this from reoccurring.
    It seems to me when one leaves his vehicle at this dealership, they are asking him to agree on stealing his belonging if they found one!
    If I were the owner/manager of a company, I wouldn’t want corrupted people to work for me. I wonder what would be the case if this was the owner’s watch!
    After all a company such at this should tell so much about their service and workmanship as well!