A sweet start

March 2, 2009 by


The start of the  09 World Super Bike season was full of surprises, BMW Motorrad Motorsport team scored the fastest lap in race one at  Phillip Island with their new bike the S 1000 RR.

BMW may have a long history in racing but they are rookies when to comes to the Superbike World Championship, and they will be facing tough competition from the manufacturers that has been racing the WSBK since 1988.

Race results

  • JoJo

    Way to go BMW. Actually the rider who got the fastest lap is Troy Corser with long record on Ducati , and was fun to see Haga on Ducati 1098R winning race 1 and 2nd in race 2 with total 45 points leading the championship. graet start for both BMW & Ducati. Looking forward to the next 13 rounds (13×2 races ) ,,, and by the way if anyone is interested the next round is in Qatar on the 14th March.

  • Micky

    just what’s expected from a manufacturer like BMW and racer like Corser

  • ٩٩٩

    wait till the Ducs warm up ;-)

  • BadAz

    Dudes did any of you watch the race, did any of you noticed what the new R1 did, did any of you even looked at the race results?

    i guess not…you are so obsessed with the new s1000r

  • Busa

    the obsession will fade once they see the price tag, and after it eats the dust of the Jap bikes in Sabhan ;-)

  • jojo

    The interesting part is that the winning Ducati is the 1098R & not even the new 1198R !

    If one is worried about the price then the Ducati is not for him,,, alao if he is of the Sabhan type dude then the same ,,, ducati is not for him,,,, Ducati is in a class by itself !

  • Busa


    The reason bikers go to Sabhan and other low traffic roads is to test their bikes against other bikes, unfortunately we do not have a track like our neighbors in UAE, Bahrain and Qatar but I’m sure if had one bikers will not hit the streets to race and get either killed or injured while doing so.

    my guess that you are not a real biker but one of those snobs -no offense- that rides a Duc just to show off and make a statement or maybe for El Mghazal :-) but let me tell you something some of the japanieas bikes that race there are more expensive than ducaties because of the mods and love their owners put into them.

    for your info ducaties do race in Sabhan, and they do kick ass and i love them but can’t afford one at the moment, when was the last time you have been to sabhan? you should pass by from time to time and watch, you can come by car as well.

    One last thing, at some point the Nissan GT was the car of the Halaq now the GT goes head to head with the best euro sport cars and those who used to own a Porsche now dream to own a GT.

    “Things Change”

  • Sprocket

    The R1 will dominate the Qatar round, and i’ll be there to witness it

  • JoJo

    no offense taken . I am sure you know what you talking about much more than me .But It is never just about performance !! If you want a perfect watch to keep the time a Swatch for kd 7 will do just fine, as a mater of fact you don’t even need a watch for that ! Just look at your mobile clock. But why do people buy watches worth thousands of dinars ? certainly not just to know what time it is !!

    If you really want a Ducati, stop by TriStar and they always have something to match your budget. Just show them you are really interested !! i will put in a good word for you !!!

  • http://topdark.com vampire

    jojo, 1198R does not exists, and the 1098R is having the 1199cc engine

  • Sprocket

    True, the new 1198 got its engine from 1200 super bike Ducati races at the SBK