09 MotoGP

March 3, 2009 by


The first race of the 09 MotoGP race will take place on April 12 at Losail Circuit in Qatar, riders started their 2 day testing session yesterday, but the weather was awful something like what we had in Kuwait a few days back…at the first day some of the riders did not even bother to enter the track.

The uniqueness of  Losail is that its the only circuit that hosts’ a night race, which is really nice to watch… especially if you are watching it on TV where cameras zoom in at the riders and you get to see the expressions on their faces.

Hope the weather will be fine by April.

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  • http://ruby-woo.blogspot.com Ruby Woo

    I always wonder how they manage to balance themselves on the bike while the ground is scraping their knees.

    The pics are just too hot!

  • JoJo


    It all has to do with physics,designe of the bike,tires & skill of the rider. the faster the bike goes,the more the rider has to lean to counter effect the jyro forces pushing in the other direction,, the angle of the lean depends on the designe of the chasis & that is why Ducatis are supperb going too fast in the curves

  • JoJo

    Ruby Woo,

    If you look at the 2nd photo ( Ducati) & compare it to the 4th photo (Yamaha),you will know what I mean by Lean Angle !

  • Chic
  • http://www.BuYousef.net Bu Yousef

    I was there today and the weather was beautiful. Hope it lasts :)

  • http://www.BuYousef.net Bu Yousef

    I just saw a close up of the photos. Wow!

  • Sprocket


    Man you are very anti Jap….the Duc in the photo is probably on a sharper, longer curve that’s why he is leaning more than the Yamaha.