Yesterday was not a good day

April 9, 2009 by


for bikers…2 accidents and i was there a minute after both had happend…

One was when i was going for lunch and and the other was when i was on my way home, the first one was a Ninja ZX-14 and the other was a Busa 1300, the rider of the Ninja managed to move and set on the side walk but was in pain and bleeding a bit…but the guy on the  Busa looked really bad… the Ninja was totaled but the Busa was just laying down as if someone laid it there!!!

For some reason i did not have the heart to come closer and help them, but a lot of people where already doing so.

The annoying part is when the police came to the first accident, one of the policemen was asking: who is owner of the bike -as if he can’t tell- then asked him to move the bike to the side of the road !!!

  • JoJo

    Sad for the accidents , but yesterday was a great ridding day ! The problem in Kuwait is that everyone wants the most powerfull bike irrespect of experience & the ability to control the power,also the two mentioned bikes are not well known for breaking ability. I am sure none of these riders have had proper training.Wish they recover soon & hopefully they will stay off the roads

  • lolo

    Exactly…if i only had a Fils for every time i heard عطني احسن شي عندك
    it’s a Kuwaiti thing, we ask for the best even if the best is not good for us !!!

  • 8-bits of Coffee

    I hope they are alright. There’s nothing worst then getting a phone call telling you to come down to the hospital because a close loved one has been in an accident.

  • JoJo

    I wish they ask for the best ,,,in case of bike the typical question si how fast does it go ? They never ask how effectively it STOPS !!


    The Busa Guy in MUBARAK Hospital
    whoever can donate blood to blood bank please do as the MUBARAK Hospital are asking for any blood for this Guy

  • Amu

    I hope they both recover soon!

  • Bu Yousef

    I hope they’re ok/better. Just read this sad news.

    Salamaat… and be careful. Even if you’re good, there are a lot of idiots on the roads.