Defying Gravity

April 16, 2009 by

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  • Ruby Woo

    I always ask the same question upon looking at these pictures. They’re an inch away from the ground, how do they do that?

  • Bu Yousef

    Look at the concentration on 65. His eyes are visible on the larger version. Great photo.

  • jojo

    Ruby Woo,

    It is physics,talent & designe ,,,,all in one !! That is why No.27 Ducati with Casey Stoner is in the front

  • Amu

    Beautiful pic :)

    and here’s a question for JoJo Why do you always look at Ducati’s…mate there are other bikes on the street too. Give them some space :) I am sure they have a lot of what you are looking for in Ducati!

  • Adrenaline

    Ruby Woo,

    The tires are made of chewing gum, a race version of the same gum brand you chew ;-)

    Bu Yousef,

    Thats the beauty of Losail Circuit…its the only circuit that host world championship races at night and the riders use clear visors on their helmets, but for some reason Stoner on the Ducati has a tinted one in that picture!!!

  • Adrenaline

    Oh and the amount of lights used to lit that circuit could lit a highway from Doha to Moscow

  • JoJo


    Eventhogh the race is at night the glare of the lights will still justify the use of tinted helmets.


    If you don’t know by now that NO other bike is like a Ducati,I can not explain it. My only problem is having the money to get one.