Let it POP

May 5, 2009 by


Its powerfull..very powerful, yet the power delivery is smooth and precise… size and looks are deceiving, and may lure you away from this bike thinking you may not enjoy riding such a big bike….but the K1300R goes way beyond its looks, it handles like a 600cc, has the power of 1300cc, and stops like noting i have ever ridden!!!

The onboard computer on K1300R offers a lot of useful info about the bike and its components like tire pressure, ABS and ASC status..etc.. if you can memorize all the symbols and the way they flash.. fast flash, slow flash, no flash, lights-up red, lights-up yellow..etc.

Automatic Stability Control is a new feature that i did not have the guts to try yet..it intervenes and reduce the torque applied to the rear wheel once it detects a degree of instability like a sliding rare wheel….don’t worry about the bike skidding just squeeze that throttle at that curve and let the ASC take care of it.

Shift assist is yet another kick ass feature…forget all about the clutch and shift up clutchless at any speed, its like a Tiptronic gear box…the thing is so damn quick and seamless…and oh and that backfire pop sound coming from the exhaust evrey time you shift up gives you the feeling of a turbo charged engine…its like POP POP with every gear shift…just grasp that handle bar, twist the throttle, hold on to dear life and let it POP.

The K1300R is a powerful razor sharp bike, but can be as mellow as a BMW 7 series when you want it to be.


  • t916

    Amazing is an understatement..

  • Anas

    :-) Have you finished the first 15K?

  • http://www.BuYousef.net Bu Yousef

    Pop away… Sounds great.

  • JoJo

    Any more interesting photos of the bikes ?
    Just out of curiosity , why the front forksa are covered and not straight ?

  • 46


  • lolo

    your photography skills are getting better ;-)

  • Busa

    173 hp – 200hp = -27hp

    now we need to see how are you gona add those 27hp

  • Anas


    It looks aggressive and sound nice.

    Busa, its worth missing the 27hp :)

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    t916, :-)

    If i tell you.. i have to kill you

    Bu Yousef,
    Pop poooooooooo

    The forks are not strait because BMW use the Duolever suspension on most of their bikes, its derived form a concept developed by a British inventor back in the 80s, it isolates suspension movement from steering forces for smoother handling, less friction, and anti-dive..so the bikes remains even during hard braking.

    hope that helped, where were you in the 80s?

    and you haven’t even tried it yet

    so is my dancing ;-)


    27hp is easy, exhaust system, air filters, and ECU remapping….show me the money

  • http://topdark.com vampire

    i like the K1200/1300R bike a lot and would like to try it, may borrow it from Marzouq >:[ it has the best I4 sound i have ever heard

    but come on,, handles like a 600! i doubt it

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline


    The suspension geometry on the R has been modified and now matches the one on the S…trying is believing, you can try mine if you like but away from Bedaa roundabout ;-)

  • monster4

    It has been a while since I drove by your blog, it surly is a home made blog, minn 3enna ya3ni.
    was wandering about your new BMW, it is mouth drooling bike, i meant eyes drooling bike..it looks great and apparently has enough technical features to make any other bike on the market looks obsolete.
    Great stuff.

  • monster4

    My monster s4rs kicked your beemer’s ass…240 kg fat ass..hehhh.. ; )
    Sorry Adrenaline had to share this with the crowd…

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline


    When was that yesterday night while ur in bed?

  • monster4

    Lets do some math, 240 kg for 170 hp.. 0.7 hp/1kg
    170 kg for 154 hp.. 0.9hp/1kg
    I guess these numbers are pretty real..
    Ok, don’t be offended both rides where neck to neck..

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    Wake up, time for coffee :-)

  • monster4

    …come to think of it, kicking your beemer’s ass in bed with my monster sounds…weared Adrinaline.. what where you thinking???