Around the world in 120 days

May 15, 2009 by


Muhanad Al-Sultan, Husain Ashkanani,  Ali Al-Bairami, three Kuwaiti motorcyclists with a dream that finly came true , on their BMW R1200GS Adventure they will be going on a trip around the world in 120 days… visiting 17 countries starting today from Kuwait into Asia all the way to China, then to North America ending in New York and from there to Europe ending in Italy, then to parts of Northern Africa ending with Egypt and from there head back to Kuwait.

A fair well ride was held today and around 60 bikes accompanied the 3 travelers all the way to the border.. more photos










  • JoJo

    Wish them all the best & safe trip. Good choice of bike for this sort of riding ,, all the safety features plus a fuel tank with a range of over 700 km per fill-up

  • zDon

    700 km..impressive !

  • James

    I heard also an English geltleman is going around the World from Kuwait on BMW R1200GS Advanture. His trip is titeled “Longroad to Mecca ” .Lookout for details in Al-Watan newspaper

  • Vote09

    there goes 3 votes :-(

  • ٩٩٩


    This guy has been talking about this trip for almost 2 years and haven’t done anything yet, i think he is a Pakistani and not English

  • Bu Yousef

    I wish them all the best.

    I can’t believe I missed this sending off… Please tell me when they come back bissalamah – would love to welcome them and post about their success.

  • Adrenaline

    Bu Yousef,

    Surprised not to c u there, bad boy TRIXTER

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  • James


    The Gentlman is British of Pakistani origin, which should not harm anyone !! He is talking about this trip for two years cause he is serious about it. First he had to order his bike while saving funds for it on a teacher’s salary !! Not being a kuwaiti also it is very difficult to get visas for other countries from here ,, also he strugeled for support without success ! plus he has to wait for the only time that he can go,,,,, during school summer holidays !! plus he is doing it alone !!!! He deserves big support & we will be there to see him off

  • ٩٩٩


    i only posted what i knew with no disrespect to anyone, sorry if it sounded otherwise.
    wish him all the best, he must be a cool teacher to do something like this.

  • project kenya 2011

    Very cool!!! Can we follow their adventures anywhere???

  • Adrenaline

    project kenya 2011,
    yes here