Back to the future

May 22, 2009 by


In 1980 the world saw the first Katana at Cologne motorcycle show, the bike had aggressive body styling which broke from the traditional motorcycle styling at the time.
Many thought it was only a concept bike that will never see the light, but Suzuki proved them wrong and released the GSX1100S Katana the next year, the bike retained the same styling with few improvements.
The Katana was designed by the German Hans A. Muth of Target Design, the aggressive styling of a small fairing and the large capacity tank blended together to give the best airflow around the rider and the bike…

Super Katana

In respond to the Ducati Street Fighter, Suzuki is going back to the future with a nostalgia master piece, the Super Kutana 1000 GSX-R, i bought a second hand one with a friend back in the days, but it did not last long we crashed into a Fiat coming out from a U-Turn, we did not have the money to fix it -we hardly came up with the money to buy it- we were lucky to get away with only a couple of scratches -the bike and the Car were totaled-

It’s a Katana, it’s a Super Bike , and its NAKED, i guess i should start saving for this one, 2010 is around the corner.

  • Anas

    How to get more info on this bike?
    It looks interesting.

  • Adrenaline

    Stay tuned ;-)

  • vampire

    Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha should follow ducati as well in making a naked superbike,, so we will have more than 1-2 choices when buying a naked bike.

    for myself, i love naked bikes and won’t ride a supersport (faired) bike ever, so i really need choices.

    i’m not saying that ducati isn’t good but when other bikes are there, some may be better and most important cheaper~!!!“`

    what’s your source on this info ?! “
    i hope it’s not a rumor

  • Adrenaline

    it seams hard for the Japanese manufactures to come up with a naked design that can compete with the Italains or the Germans…the Katana was designed by a German.

    The Japs are good -to an extend- in faired bikes i love the looks of the Busa and the R1, but when i look at the B-King i get flashbacks of my childhood and the boring cartoons we had to watch because we had no other choice.

    On the price issue, the difference won’t be much this year because the Japanese are increasing their rates.. the R1 is being sold for KD 4400 thats almost KD1000 than last year !!!

    i found the photo on flicker

    then did some googling for the rest of the info…but nothing solid it maybe a rumor…
    another rumor that came a realty a couple of years back is the Yamaha MT1 but they don’t have it here

  • James

    My first bike was a GX550 Suzuki,had an accident & the local agent did not have the parts so I bought a GX 1100 standars & not the Kutana.Great bike ,but then I did not know Ducati existed !! I have not sat a Japanese bike ever since .

    Vampire,,, if the issue is price then we should all buy Chinese bikes

  • ٩٩٩

    Chinese food is good

  • Adrenaline

    what about Chinese women, r they any good?

    have you sat on any?

  • James


    Let us stick to the bikes only on this blog.For women we know where to go !