Like it’s not quick enough

May 25, 2009 by

ShifterAfter the fun i had with the Shift Assist on my K1300R i decided that my Duc should have one…did some googling but could not find a kit for my Sport Classic, so i called Ricky at TriStar workshop for advice and he recommended i get the Dynojet universal quick shifter push type kit and they will do the rest…so i did, and the kit is here they will be picking up the bike today to mount the kit and tune it.

Can’t wait to try it.

  • ringo

    I was told Ricky is out of town on some Ducati training course. Is he back already ? Let me how the shifter works , need one on my Multistrada

  • vampire

    where did you buy it from? do u mind to tell how much?! “ plz

    how it is working on your BMW?

  • Ayman

    Good thinking… i love the idea

  • Adrenaline

    Yes he is back, both TriStar lead mechanics were in Italy for a Training course on the new DTC ( DUCATI Traction Control System and the Streetfighter.
    I like how TriStar is investing in their team so we get quality service


    you may stop by @ TriStar showroom and i am sure you will have full information about the shifter price,quality etc….

  • Adrenaline


    The cost depends on the bike model..the BMW came with one from the factory and it’s so much fun…i don’t think any bike can beat the K1300r from a standing still…because it’s equipped with Automatic Stability Control that prevents its from wheeling when the system is on…u can twist the throttle fully with no fear of the bike wheeling..add a quick shifter to the recipe then all that is missing is wings, and i believe Red Bull could take care of that.

  • vampire

    lol,, need to try your K1300R ehheeheehee

    where did u get it from? u can email me

  • Adrenaline

    u can try it anytime just let me know when, as for the shifter Salem ordered it for me as it was not available at Zed Motors -local dealer-

  • Mathai

    that’s cool ! have you tried upshifting without the clutch ? It must cut the throttle for a few milliseconds right ?

  • Adrenaline

    it’s very fast you can hardly feel it

  • ٩٩٩

    sounds interesting

  • James


    It you want to fitt it at TriStar then best to buy it from them so they take full resposibility for the part & the fitting cause if you buy it from outside they might not fit it even if the bike is Ducati. when you order from one place & fit in another,,, none of them will take the resposibility

  • Anas

    I was at the garage today… They were installing it :-)
    looks interesting!

  • Adrenaline


    Stop wasting ur time by going there, they will never tell you what they did to my bike, and your bike will never be faster than mine ;-)