Best black brew around

May 28, 2009 by

Black Coffee

I believe that DUNKIN DONUTS serves the best and freshest black coffee around, a plain black coffee without the fake helloooo siiir… would like a bottle of water about a sandwich siiir…we have very nice salad siiiir.


    i like them very much that’s why i added lots of weight ….

  • lolo

    that looks like a Muffin, i love their Muffins more than the Donuts… Banana Walnut is my favorite

  • Jis

    i see a cigar behind the cup, i like ur breakfast its as fatal as a motorcycle siiiiir

  • 8-bits of Coffee

    I agree. It’s worth the detour I have to make each morning.
    You got to have a glass of water though or you’ll end up with the fuzzy feeling in your mouth.

    @ Trixter
    The trick is to stick to coffee and ignore the donuts :P

  • Bu Yousef

    I don’t know about the coffee but I agree about the siiiiiir and water! :) It’s worse than the ‘Would like Fries with that?’ from the Eighties in UK/US.

  • vampire

    one of the best coffees imo
    try out McDonald’s

  • Adrenaline

    I don’t this its the Donuts, i believe its the age ;-)

    That was the blueberry muffin

    Living Life To The Extreme

    8-bits of Coffee,
    a glass of water before or after?

    Bu Yousef,
    How about a reply for your comment siir?

    will do