Blackberry VS Apple-The Battle-

June 3, 2009 by

For Apple respond

  • monster4

    Ihave a BB, the storm, touch screen, take it from me the apple respond to the berry ad is closer to realty.. sorry BB

  • Anas

    I’m about to get me a BB! Just for the fact that I can receive my emails all the time; work, home, abroad…… you name it.
    As you know, its much easier than having the Laptop on all the time.
    At the same time, I’m thinking of getting the resent iPhone that will be release this month.

  • Busa

    nothing better than my KD10 phone

  • monster4

    I am considering your option Anas, it is a good combo..but i will go back to my Storm BB model.

  • Bu Yousef

    The two words “simple facts” makes the response classy, clever and effective.

  • Ruby Woo

    All I got were bad reviews on the blackberry touch, so I guess the iPhone wins after all.