Ducati StreetFighter

June 8, 2009 by


The term “streetfighter” originated from stripping the fairing of superbikes then adding high bars to create an urban bike with easier handling, the new Ducati Streetfighter is based on unfaired 1098/1198 superbikes, and is here to replace the Monster S4Rs.

Most of the parts in the Streetfighter are new in one way or the another…the engine is almost a straight lift of the 1098, except for the crankcases which are the from the 1198′s -3kg lighter-, the chassis is the same as the 1198′s with a different geometry, the rear subframe is new and shortens the bike by three inches compared with the 1098, the fuel tank is new so is the exhaust, the traction control (DTC) is also the same as the 1198′s and has eight setting so you can change these setting depending on your testosterone level.

I believe the Streetfighter will be a thrilling bike, and i would like to have a go on it but it has one problem that is the lack of wind protection…but again you can’t criticize a naked bike for the lack of fairing right?

  • monster4

    Adrenaline..this bike is giving me nightmares, I imagine my self going to Tri Star show room and see it there, and…wake away with out it.
    It is a real nightmare…
    It means I have to be separated from my Ms4rs (customized in the right way), the most perfect bike on the market, in my humble opinion. It is light, fast, easy to steer, wheels even if I dont want it to, and it is fast and accelerate like a dream. A very precise power throtle that delivers what your heart desires, with the right amount at the right timing.
    I have to put all of this on one side of the wall…and the new streefighter on the the other side!!! ya3ni parking shi 15000 KD on two wheels downstairs.
    It will be one or the other.
    So any advise?

  • http://topdark.com vampire

    can’t wait to see it in person,, probably i’ll walk away from the showroom with one ;)

  • monster4

    Nshallah Vamp you will walk out with it,,, looking forward to test my s4 against this fighter… ; )

  • http://bmwmotoclubkw.com TRIXTER

    Monester 4
    last time i have seen you was very long time ago and wish i see u again to talk about it…

    Vampire: kick your pocket to answer your dreams yallla man

  • Anas


    I’ve done some googling to find a comparison between both StreetFighter and the S4RS, and it was stated that the StreetFighter s is 10KG less than the S4RS and 25bhp more, so it should be faster. Check the link below for readings.
    But the question here is not only about the bhp, its more in handling and enjoying the ride.

    I’m looking for other comparison (StreetFighter S and Brutale 1078RR). Still cloud not fined valid info.

  • Micky

    don’t know why all the fuss about this bike, its only a naked 1098 with high bars and a headlight from the Brutale

  • monster4

    …guys s4rs for now AND a streetfighter later, my boys will appreciate my taste nshallah once they are old enough to ride my bikes (safely).
    I also have a Yamaha MT01 back in Lebanon, usliss beautifull bike with 140 torque power @ 3.700 rpm, I will see what to do with that one.

  • Hamad

    i love the MV but if i had to chose between the street fighter and the current Brutale i would go with the Duc, its characterful

  • http://topdark.com vampire

    when it’ll arrive!

    1. these it a recall on theStreetFighter S: front forks!

    2. and another recall on 2009 1198, 1198S, 1098R, 848 and StreetFighter: possible fuel leakage from the fuel line at the fuel injector connection

  • monster4

    Are any of you going on the Trie Star ride this friday (3:45)?

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    the recall is for DUCATI NORTH AMERICA, i don’t know if it applies to Kuwait.


  • http://eleventhst.wordpress.com/ eleventh.st

    I really want to try that bike out!!