Office made coffee

June 16, 2009 by

IMG_0263‘Am pretty fuzzy when it comes to my morning dose of caffeine, i got fed up from picking it up from the coffee shop and drinking it from take away i decided to make my own.

I lacked the right tools for that, so had to go shopping for some and came back with a Bodum Coffee Press, a milk Frother and 1/2 LB of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

The result is exceptional, now i have to experiment with different coffee beans brands and  show the office boy how to do it.



  • vampire

    hmm,, interesting
    Nescafe` is my friend ;)

  • Anas

    I’ll invite my self, to try your coffee with a smoke ;-)


    I think dunkin donuts coffee is very good! Their black coffee def beats starbucks! your coffee looks good!

  • Mathai

    Mmm nothing like a cup of coffee to get the day started. My office boy serves the most delicious nescafe. I think its coz of the condensed milk.

  • Amu

    I love the smell more than the taste :P

  • Bu Yousef

    Looks good… Do you do take-outs?

    @ Vampire
    It’s a sin (and in some countries illegal) to call ‘Nescafe’ coffee :)

  • monster4

    Looks like you should have an office boy to make this…and time to drink it…

  • Adrenaline

    Nescafe is the synthetic equivalent of coffee..good only when i can’t find anything else, starbucks serves flavored milk and not coffee.

    Nescafe and condensed milk tastes like radiator water.
    Mmmm…take outs i’ll give it a thought