The Fighters r here

June 23, 2009 by


Passed by TriStar showroom today to pick up some parts a ordered and was surprised to see the new Ducati Street Fighters…they had two bikes the standard one and the S version.

The seating position of this bike is unique…very up front, it’s very narrow and the size of the fuel tank is small which will constantly remind you of its light weight, ease of handling, and gives you confidant to do some stunt riding.

The S is already sold, they also have a pearl white 1198 which look really cool and sold of course.

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Oh and thats Salem, its his birthday today…i would have gifted him a Street Fighter, but his mother only allow him to sell bikes and not ride them.

Happy Birthday dude, you are getting old and already developed a double chin…you better start working out ;-)

  • Ruby Woo

    the white bike is hottt

  • vampire

    need to see it in the flesh! damn work

  • Amu

    Happy Birthday Salem…the bikes look nice :D

  • anwar

    its a nice bike…im coming 2day 2 c it…an 2 wish u a happy birthday :)


    I went to see them today! I loved them! I thought they looked great! I thought the sitting position was very not that I know much about that!

  • R1

    The seating position is actually awkward, and feels as if you are going to slide on the fuel tank, but then again there is a lot of geeks out there ;-)

  • vampire

    R1: that means i will be geek?! “

  • Adrenaline

    no you’ll be a fighter geek :-)
    hope ur getting the white one looks much nicer than the red, the black might look even better.

  • James


    Colors are a mater of personal taste.What looks good to you might not be same to vampire !!

  • Junior

    That Salem fellow looks like a real fighter in Turkish wresling team. from what I hear he is the best known guy in the motorycle circules in Q8.Happy Birthday

  • vampire

    i sat on it yesterday! weird? yes
    tall,, couldn’t put flat foot!!!
    nut crushing!!!!!!!!!!!
    but the thing is feather “lite” and extra beautiful.

    this suppose to replace the S4R but imo it doesn’t :(

    hey Salem, this was my 17,000 visit and u’r always not there!!

    will the white be the fastest color?! ;)

  • Adrenaline

    you can make it the fastest, i know i can ;-)

  • MediaChick

    “feather lite” hehehehe… i thought Adrenaline is the only one with the dirty mind