A valid reason to go to Sharm

July 5, 2009 by


Saw this poster, and thought i should share it…i love the Boney M, back in the days they were “Z” band -yes am that old – i love their music danced to it and still do.

Egyptian movies were the only movies that played Boney M music at the time where the Boney M were way out of fashion…we used to make fun of the people who danced to their music is these movies.

Ironically the Boney M -or what is left of them- will perform is Sharm El Sheikh end of July thru mid August.

You can book tickets from here

  • http://www.kuwait-principessa.blogspot.com Principessa

    Awal marra Ashoof ur blog :P! i like it !

  • fiatbravo

    Mashi ya 3am, o3od enta etfasa7 we7na beneshtaghal hena..
    allah yesaheloooooooooo !! Oh and cool… i’ll be there by then, so i might go to the concert or sumthing :P

  • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

    am back ya Setii

  • MediaChick

    Here are the rates:

    Seating + Soho Dinner Voucher + Drinks $105
    Standing + Drinks $75
    Standing $45

    to book + 2 012 88 42 702
    Tel: (+2069) 3602 500 Ext. 8613 / 8841
    Fax: (+2069) 3602 450
    Mob: +2012 88 42 702
    E-mail: christine.raouf@soho-sharm.com