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July 20, 2009 by


I was in Shuwaikh yesterday and noticed a new motorcycle showroom…i looked up to the sign and saw the following brands: Aprilia, PIAGGIO, Vespa, GILERA, and MOTO GUZZI !!!

Parked quickly.. went down to check it out and there it was…a part of Italy’s’ motorcycle history, a showroom full of Vespa scooters, Moto Guzzi, and Aprilia ..

The Vespas’ were irresistible…i don’t know how i resisted going back on one, Vespa is an icon and it doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female, young or old, a house wife or a businessman the Vespa will have your heart skip a beat…this scooter is one of the few bikes that have a style of its own and has maintained its classic and classy looks look over the years.. no visit to Italy is complete without renting a Vespa and riding it on the twisty roads of Sorrento.If you have passion for motorcycles but for some reason you can’t ride, afraid or don’t know how to.. then this is the best time to start, get a Vespa and experience motorcycling in style.. if you did not like it, just wash it and find a spot in your living room to park it, and feast your eyes with its eternal beauty.




GILERA for the racers boys and girls



Aprilia new super bike, the RSV4…one of the tiniest super bikes i ever seen


the V7 Cafe Classic


and finally the Griso 8V, the one i liked the most


Apparently its the same dealer of Harley Davidson


  • http://topdark.com vampire

    where is it exactly?!
    how much is the RSV4?!
    aren’t Zed Motors the Aprilia dealer?!

  • Hamad

    I was also there yesterday its behind Hyundai showroom, same area of Yamaha but at the beginning if the Pepsi St.
    the RSV4 is very expensive you would get a 1198s with that amount of money

  • lolo

    and the Vespa is ridiculously expensive, KD 800 for the 50cc!!!
    come on

  • ٩٩٩

    the price should not be an issue if you like it, i love Vespa..i might get one actually and ride to work on Thursdays

  • http://topdark.com vampire

    just came back from the showroom,, the RSV4 looks amazing,, the frame welds are wild, it’s like a 600cc bike,, but still the 1198 is prettier

    the 1198S is a couple of hundreds more but i think it’s wort the extra $$,, u will have the DTC,, the most beautiful sound of a bike and it’s a ducati ;)

    i sat on every bike there,, my fav is the Griso 8V,, the guys there are super friendly

  • Chic

    i love the orange one, how much is it?

  • http://ruby-woo.blogspot.com Ruby Woo

    I want the first one!!!!!!

    I’m in love. My heart literally skipped a beat.

  • bikerist

    lolo… how is it expensive when in the UK the cheapest is £2,249.00. As far as the Ducati and Aprilia goes. Ducati 1198S has 170 HP and weight 170 kg, the RSV4 factory has 180 HP and weight 179kg. From what I understand the 1198s should be cheaper than the RSV4 factory the MSRP for 1198S is $21795 and the rsv4 factory is $26,000

  • lolo

    am not comparing prices, i just think its expensive when it should be a bit more cheaper to engorge girls like me to start riding two wheelers rather than riding quads.
    KD 500 is reasonable..its a 50cc ya nas

  • lolo


  • bikerist

    Well a quad will cost more than 1000kd, I think it’s reasonable they have piaggio 50cc for 470kd and you can always buy Indian or Chinese product for less than 200kd. I think the prices are cool. How is that girls spend 1000 on an LV bag or a ring and can’t pay 800 for a scooter. No offence but you see girls in Kuwait pay a lot more than what they get and the way I see it 800 is more than good for the quality of work the Italians put into vespa

  • Speed


    One of the vespa’s cost KD 1800 ! For that price you should be able to get a BMW C1 which is a very unique bike with full safety ,ABS brake & Audio system and can ride it with any dress.

  • Busa

    this doesn’t sound right
    “From what I understand the 1198s should be cheaper than the RSV4 factory the MSRP for 1198S is $21795 and the rsv4 factory is $26,000″

  • Micky


    The BMW C1 is long dead Vespa is forever, but i agree with Lolo KD500 for the 50cc is a good price especially if your buying it for its looks and not for delivering Pizza.

    oh and i love the the V7 Classic

  • Chic

    i think in a couple of month we will see red Vespas with KFC or Pizza Hut logo on them, what a way to kill a brand

  • nabil m

    please prece for vespa

    • http://theadrenalinefix.com Adrenaline

      Starts from KD850 i think

  • edman

    Guys anyone knows where can i get a installment motorbikes in kuwait?

  • http://q8moto.com Q8Moto

    check with the dealers