Off to Greece

August 6, 2009 by


Work in Cairo is all done, so i decided to go from there directly to Greece..the plan was that a friend will also leave Kuwait to meet me in Athens and from there we will catch the first plane to any of the islands.

All went according to plan and we are at a beach in Zakynthos now, talk about planing ;-)

  • Guess me !

    My God !

    You go around more than an International escort ! :I

    LOL !

    Oh ! the FantaZy

    Small ppl are funny :I

  • Sheroug

    My only vacation is a month away to the eastern province, for a test. Do have fun though -.-

    I’m kidding! Sounds fun :)

  • Bu Yousef


  • lolo

    have you planned anything in your life EVER? :-)